No running for another 3 weeks, the benefits

To be honest, not much benefits came to mind in the beginning.

Yesterday, I visited the PT again as the whiplash in my right calf muscle is still not 100% healed. At least, it happened a second time 9 days ago and it still feels slightly sore after 40 minutes of normal walking.

PT advice

  • No running for another 3 weeks, just to be sure and let it heal properly. New appointment on Dec 27, and than we plan further.
  • Biking, swimming etc. is fine, just no strain on the calf muscle.
  • Strength training fine, just no strain on the calf muscle
  • No stretching etc. Although the internal wound is closed, it’s still fragile and stretching might tear it open again

So, what are the benefits?

  • Not just the calf muscle, but my entire body gets some rest. Ultra-training is a lot of running a lot of times, so it’s good to have a few weeks off. My ADHD doesn’t seem to think so though.
  • Mental toughness. Dealing with set backs is part of the process of training, so dealing with this will make me stronger. Especially making sure that I stay okay for myself and my family with ADHD raging both physically and mentally
  • Working on core/strength. My shoulder (another injury) is pretty okay again, so I can do some strength training for core, upper body and some leg work. I needed to incorporate that anyway.
  • Doing some other activities, such as biking (if the weather permits) and swimming. I’ve added the available time slots in my calendar so I can see everyday if I can to that (tip!).

Goal is to still be running ultra’s when I’m 90, so I’m considering this a minor set back…