I believe that work can be better by simplifying things

  • Have the right set of people and talent
  • Make sure to receive and give feedback
  • Reduce rules


  • Happy people that have and take ownership
  • More freedom for innovation
  • Less but better processes
  • Less but better meetings
  • Way more fun

I help by taking on a role and jump start ideas to execution, changing through leading by example. In the past I’ve taken interim roles with or without line management responsibilities, such as:

  • Chief Product Officer
  • (Group) Product Manager
  • Transformation Lead
  • Senior Product Owner

For my latest assignments and results, see my blogs here or LinkedIn

Giving back

I donate 1% of my monthly gross revenue to a charity that I feel makes the world a better place. If you can spare 1%, do the same! My latest donation can be found on LinkedIn as well.