My week of running (12 Dec – 18 Dec)

Like I said last week, not a week of running. Still one full week of not running to go.

What I did do:

  • Mon: 1500 meter swimming + 30 min hike
  • Tue: rest, sore from swimming
  • We: 1750 meter swimming
  • Thu: rest
  • Fri: Strength training, Calestenics
  • Sat: 60 min hike, sore from strength training
  • Sun: not sure yet, probably still sore, so need to recover

Still not that much though, but changing a bit how I train, so I can incorporate more strength training once I’m able to run again. Can’t wait though…

My week of running (5 Dec – 11 Dec)

Still no running and it will take at least until Dec 28, before I can run again. That means alternative training the last week and the coming 2 weeks. This is what I did:

Tue: Cycling
Wed: Swimming and Hiking
Fri: Cycling
Sat: Hiking
Sun: Cycling

Cycling is becoming an ordeal, as temperatures are dropping. Chill factor is below freezing. For next week I’ll be swimming more and see if I can do some light strength and flexibility training to also get more full body fitness and strength. Besides running, I need it for 2 reasons, for the army and just aging. Meaning I need to maintain my muscles everywhere a bit more

Let’s see what next week brings!

No running for another 3 weeks, the benefits

To be honest, not much benefits came to mind in the beginning.

Yesterday, I visited the PT again as the whiplash in my right calf muscle is still not 100% healed. At least, it happened a second time 9 days ago and it still feels slightly sore after 40 minutes of normal walking.

PT advice

  • No running for another 3 weeks, just to be sure and let it heal properly. New appointment on Dec 27, and than we plan further.
  • Biking, swimming etc. is fine, just no strain on the calf muscle.
  • Strength training fine, just no strain on the calf muscle
  • No stretching etc. Although the internal wound is closed, it’s still fragile and stretching might tear it open again

So, what are the benefits?

  • Not just the calf muscle, but my entire body gets some rest. Ultra-training is a lot of running a lot of times, so it’s good to have a few weeks off. My ADHD doesn’t seem to think so though.
  • Mental toughness. Dealing with set backs is part of the process of training, so dealing with this will make me stronger. Especially making sure that I stay okay for myself and my family with ADHD raging both physically and mentally
  • Working on core/strength. My shoulder (another injury) is pretty okay again, so I can do some strength training for core, upper body and some leg work. I needed to incorporate that anyway.
  • Doing some other activities, such as biking (if the weather permits) and swimming. I’ve added the available time slots in my calendar so I can see everyday if I can to that (tip!).

Goal is to still be running ultra’s when I’m 90, so I’m considering this a minor set back…

My week of running ( Nov 28 – Dec 4)

My week of running is still not running.

I have a whiplash in my calf and it’s still sore. The first was a couple of weeks ago. I thought I recovered. I did a test run (30 min of 5 min run, 1 min walk) and that was fine. Checked with the Physical Therapist (PT) and everything was good, so I could start running again. Building in 3 weeks towards 1,5 hour run.

Waited to days and did a 35 min (5 min run, 1 min walk) sessions and on the third 5 min, “Tjak”, whiplash was back.

That has been 1,5 weeks ago and it’s still just a bit sore.

Did some biking, but it’s too cold now. Did the mandatory 30 min walking every day. Today it was 50 min but after 40 min felt the calf again.


Tomorrow session with the PT to see what I need to do.