My one goal, feel free

That is to feel a certain freedom again I’ve lost in the last 2 years.

I need to feel free and I don’t feel it right now. I don’t feel free today because:

  1. I’m out of an assignment right now
  2. I don’t have that capital right now to go without an assignment for a couple of months

Dude, but you are a freelancer, so you should have a backup, right?

I did, but it’s gone. Not because I did something stupid, but because we had to do a couple of things.

  1. Last year my son was sick for a long time, bad case of Mono’s (Pfeiffer) so fortunately as I had backup, I could take care of him and stay home with him
  2. We had some things to do in our house
  3. We really wanted to go on an extended vacation with a mobile home to Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

We all did the above and we are very happy with it, don’t get me wrong.

So, even when I’m writing this I feel like I’m whining, so rationally I know there’s nothing to complain about, we’re healthy, we have and had a lot of fun and we did and still do a lot if things others can’t.

But my Feeling Brain (thanks Mark Manson) still feels trapped. That means 2 things.

  1. I want to be more stoic (thanks Ryan Reynolds) about what’s going on
  2. I’m going to be more intentional and make sure I get that backup again.

That means landing a new assignment of course.