As life and work are entangled (work is part of life), I’ve chosen to only have one website for both. You’ll find stuff about:

  • my life as an ultra distance runner
  • my work in product management as a freelance/interim product leader
  • and probably some other things as well

Have fun!


To free people from their constraints, so they feel they have a choice

I do this by helping individuals, teams and organisations make their context, their processes and their choices clear and less complex, so that they can take control of what they can influence and make the right choices to solve their problems and meet their challenges.

I do this as an interim:

  • Head of Product
  • Chief Product Officer
  • (Group) Product Manager
  • VP of Product
  • Or any other role as a Product Lead

✅ Scaled and transformed future ready teams and organisations
✅ Empowered teams that take ownership and can be held accountable
✅ Simpler processes and less rules, resulting in more value at lower costs

For my latest assignments and results, see my blogs here or LinkedIn

Giving back

I donate 1% of my monthly gross revenue to a charity that I feel makes the world a better place. If you can spare 1%, do the same! My latest donation can be found on LinkedIn as well.


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Business information


Address: Torenwacht 141, 2353 DC, Leiderdorp
Email: jaap at clearanddone dot com
Telephone: contact me using above form…

CoC: 69518513